Thanks to the lovely Rollergirls of Central Kentucky (ROCK) for having me out to shoot their opening bout against the Little City Roller Girls. Congrats to ROCK for a win to top off a great season opener and to Little City to a hard fought bout! Click the picture below to go to the gallery on the ROCK page! As always if you want to repost these give me some kudos please. =)

Pics are posted here from the Black and Bluegrass Roller Girls and Vette City Vixens bout this Saturday. A big thank you to Black and Bluegrass for having such a wonderfully lit venue that makes my job worlds easier and for an awesome after party and after-after party!

It was also my privledge to get to shoot with one of my favorite roller derby photographers Earl Sod (click his name to check out some of his excellent work). Click the image below to go to the gallery for this bout:

Pics are posted here from the Derby City Roller Girls and Rollergirls Of Southern Indiana bout this Saturday. Thanks again to Derby City for having me out to shoot such a hard-hitting bout! Click the image below to go to the gallery:

Chemical Valley Roller Girls vs Blackwater Roller Girls photos have been posted in my new SmugMug gallery. This gallery also has right-click saving enabled but you can only save the smaller version that way, if you'd like the full-sized version you have to "order" it (the "web" size most people will put on Facebook is $1/image). Right now the digital files are what I'm selling and prints are currently at cost (meaning I'm making no money off prints) but if you'd like them that options is available. You can get to the gallery by clicking the pictures below or clicking here:

Check out the pics from Isabella H's 1st Birthday Party by clicking on the image below: