Demolition City Roller Girls and Bleeding Heartland Roller Girls photos have been posted in my new SmugMug gallery which if you "order" anything it's all at cost including the digital downloads just use the coupon code "DCRG2011". This gallery also has right-click saving enabled but you can only save the smaller version that way, if you'd like the full-sized version you have to "order" it. Again just use the DCRG2011 coupon code and anything you order will be AT COST! You can get to the gallery by clicking the pictures below or clicking here:

If you would like to view what photos are available for purchase click on the image below to go to the purchasing portal for King-Photography:

Pics are posted from the Ft. Wayne Derby Girls (FWDG) vs Ohio Roller Girls (OHRG). Click the link below to go to the gallery:

Special thanks to Rhoda Rage for putting me up that weekend!

Click the image below to go to the gallery for Demolition City Roller Derby (DCRD) vs Rockford Rage.

I'm currently going through my galleries that are spread over several different sites at the moment and going to work on consolidating them into the main site here so people can search through my posts to find the gallery they're looking for. They'll appear in order of when they were originally posted so most will appear at the bottom of the page but should be searchable within a day or so.